How 3 healthcare apps are modifying healthcare services as we know them


Among the healthcare spectrum, the leading mHealth field now for healthcare apps is telemedicine. With the ability of physicians to provide consultations from the comfort of their homes, or to offer their services to patients on the other side of the globe, telemedicine apps are offering a new perspective for healthcare, especially in countries where there is a low ratio of physicians per patients.

AI and chatbots

Artificial intelligence is another technology that is changing the shape of healthcare delivery services, [i] with apps as Ada using artificial intelligence to provide the patients with recommendations and suggestions for their health, just as a doctor will do. With +11M users worldwide and +22M evaluations, this app is not just offering services, but starting to compile a big amount of data that will ultimately support new decisions. It is difficult to think of any doctor capable of managing such an amount of data, therefore, this will disrupt the way we receive/provide medical services in the future. Hopefully, we just do not forget the human side of medicine and give good use to these technologies.

healthcare apps, digital health
Healthcare Apps are disrupting technologies that will change the future of healthcare.


Blockchain technology is not only shaping the future of currencies with the appearance of Bitcoin, Ethereum and another type of financial instruments, but are also shaping another field as transportation, housing, and healthcare. With the appearance of blockchain technology, leaders in the field of healthcare are already thinking of new ways to use it to transfer patient data in a more secure manner, manage Electronic Health Records (EHR) as well as other applications this technology can have on the healthcare field.   [ii]

Takeaway: Apps that are being an example of these technologies

Today with the different technologies available to shape the healthcare world, there are already some apps that are starting to use these technologies in a disruptive and innovative sense. Among some famous apps right now we can find Medici, Doximity, ClotMD, Talkspace, Doctor on Demand, and others. [iii]



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