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Google Ad Grants is Google’s program that provides an opportunity for Non-profits to have Free Access to $10,000 per Month in Free Advertising on Google Ads platform.

At Siloé Healthcare as we collaborate with Non-profits we understand how important resources are to achieve impact. For that matter, we collaborate with Health Non-profits to succeed.

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Because we specialize in Health Non-profits, we will Make a Perfect Google Ad Grants Application for Your Healthcare Non-profit.

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What Our Clients Say:

"Tommys is...amazing...helped us obtain a 10K Google Ads grant and helped us, step by step, in launching the non-profit and helped us manage it!
Dr. Adil Manzoor
CEO - Garden State Street Medicine

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✓ Content writing and strategy for healthcare websites
✓ Content writing for health ebooks
✓ Support on the publication of scientific research
✓ Data analysis for healthcare
✓ Grant writing for health for-profit and non-profit organizations
✓ Public health research
✓ Writing technical content for public health projects
✓ Medical device clinical evaluation reports
✓ Healthcare marketplace reports

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