Medical Brochure Research, Writing & Design

Innovative Health Solutions Need Innovative Presentations

At Siloe Healthcare we understand as important as your product is the way you present it to your audience. If the product is a pharmacologic product, cosmetic or medical device, the presentation becomes even more essential.

This is why is Siloe Healthcare we support your health innovation’s marketing booklet, instructions manual, product monograph, etc. production from the start: from evidence research to medical writing and brochure design, we have it all under one roof.

Case Studies

Pharmacologic Products

We have written and designed an amazing medical booklet for an innovative topical formula for oncologic patients suffering from vaginal mucositis.

Cosmetic Products

With have implemented a completely new design style, and medical tone, for the medical booklet of a cosmetic product for patients suffering from diabetic foot.

Medical Devices

Learn how we have collaborated in the writing of a product monograph for an innovative medical device to screen for breast cancer without invasive methods.

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